News from the 12th standard students

Sahaya thanks the UCD Sahaya student club that by making and selling bracelets, has raised the funds to support the tuition of 6 orphaned girls from very poor families. All 6 girls were in 12th standard and recently took their 12th standard public exam. In April 2010, they wrote letters of thanks to their supporters. Below are two examples. Since they wrote the letters, the results of the public exam have been announced, and all of these 6 students received a PASS! We congratulate all of them for this big acccomplishment. They have applied for higher education and are now awaiting admission.

You can also help to support any of these girls or another orphan via a general donation or via our orphan sponsorship program.


My Dear Friends

This is Muthulakshmi writing letter to you.
How are you and your family members? In my family all are doing well. I have written my XII exams in a good manner hope I will score good marks as I have more effort in doing my exam. Hope so hard work will always lead to success.
I am in an idea of going to some job in my summer holidays as because it will be useful for me to buy some things I need and also for my further higher studies.
It is very hot in our village there is no rain. In my village cashewnut had started to grow and the tree looks nice to see with the fruit. I am spending my leisure time in reading general knowledge books, English book and even some painting.

Yours loving child,


My Dear friends,
This is Suguna writing letter to you.
I am fine here. How are you and your family members? I have written my public examination in a good manner, I hope for high marks in all the subjects and come out with flying colours.
I am very thankful to you for helping me to complete my school life I wish the same from you for my further studies also.  In my village we are going to celebrate local temple function so we all are happy.
The very hot in our place all are suffering from the burden of hot sun. What the climate in your area? Is it very hot like here?
Wish you a Happy Easter. Convey my regards to your family members. I always include you in my prayers for your healthy and happy life.
Yours Lovingly,



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